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Mix of 6 Cans of Pistonhead Craft Lager


  • 2 x 330ml Cans of Flat Tire:
    Pours smoothly without an over-inflated head, Pistonhead Flat Tire has a balanced and rich malt body and balanced, slightly marked bitterness.
  • 2 x 330ml Cans of Kustom Lager:
    Kustom brewed with a double-clutch of Münchener and Pilsner malt injected with Spalter Select, Magnum and Perle hops that will leave a hint of bitterness on your lips, but never in your heart.
  • 2 x 330ml Cans of Full Amber:
    Brewed from an assortment of American Cascade, Citra and Centennial hops, the distinctive, fruity aroma of Full Amber is highlighted by a hint of grapefruit.


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