Check your delivery zone below:

Zone 1: (£15 minimum order + £3 delivery charge)

Zone 1:

£15 minimum order + £3 delivery

  • L1
  • L2
  • L3
  • L4
  • L5
  • L6
  • L7
  • L8
  • L9
  • L11
  • L12
  • L13
  • L14
  • L15
  • L16
  • L17
  • L18
  • L19
  • L24
  • L25
  • L26
  • L27
  • L28
  • L36

Zone 2:

£25 minimum order + £5 delivery

  • L10
  • L20
  • L21
  • L22
  • L23
  • L29
  • L30
  • L31
  • L32
  • L33
  • L34
  • L35
  • L37
  • L38
  • WA8
  • WA9
  • WA10

Opening Hours Information:

Orders must be placed before 4pm for guaranteed same-day delivery.

(Otherwise your order will be delivered the following day).

Orders that do not reach the minimum amount required for your zone will be automatically rejected and your payment will not be captured.

Delivery Information

If delivery is attempted and there is no reply at the door, we will return the item to our main address (The Edinburgh, 132 Prescot Road, L7 0JB) for your collection. In the event of failed delivery caused by the buyer, the delivery charge will be collected due to inconvenience for our driver. If you do not wish to collect your order, we will refund the remaining amount.

We always take photographic evidence of failed deliveries. We can forward these images to you if necessary.

If you are out and require your order to be left in a safe location outside of your accommodation, please let us know via our phone number: 07305774032.

If you provide a non-UK phone number with your order. We will not attempt to directly call. We use WhatsApp calls for non-UK phone numbers.